Austin Village Pet Hospital

New Clients in Matthews, NC

Welcome to Austin Village Pet Hospital! Learn more about our New Clients information below!

We’re Fear Free Certified

Welcome to Austin Village Pet Hospital!

Welcome to Austin Village Pet Hospital! We hope you and your pet enjoy your first visit. As Fear Free Certified Professionals, we have extra training to both recognize and alleviate any anxiety to ensure your pet feels safe, secure, and comfortable in our hospital. To make the first visit smooth and stress-free for you, too, we’ve put together some helpful information. Follow the steps below to prepare for your visit, and be sure to reach out to us at 704-529-9777 with any questions!

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What to Expect

Your First Visit

  1. Fill out the New Client Form.
  2. Bring any previous medical records or a pet medical diary with you to your appointment so we can review it together.
  3. Also, be sure to bring a fresh fecal sample (no more than 2 hours old) so we can run a fecal exam on it.
  4. When you arrive, one of our technicians will get you into an exam room as quickly as possible to limit any stress on your pet from waiting in the lobby with other cats and dogs.
  5. The technician will go over basic medical history and any preliminary questions with you.
  6. Your veterinarian will come in soon after to perform a full physical exam, order blood work as needed, and talk to you about any recommendations for your pet’s care.
  7. Be sure to have any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s health or behavior ready so you don’t forget to ask your vet!
  8. If you have any questions or concerns before or after your visit with us, please contact us at 704-529-9777 and we’ll be happy to help!